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Asia Startup is a big technological company in building and growing new businesses

We have faced challenges in various fields of information technology and industry for more than 15 years.

What are we doing

We are confident in our team and expertise, and we know which direction to move

Business review

By finding golden opportunities in different jobs, We examine the potential of flourishing in them.

Identification of needs and requirements

After finding suitable opportunities for each business, we identify the needs and changes that must be provided.

Providing solutions and suggestions

identifying the needs and changes required by customers with expert reviews, we collect solutions and suggestions and present them to them.

Process standardization

With the approval of the solutions to enter the implementation phase, the standards will be defined, and the implementation phase will begin.

The services we provide

The way to start is just to decide. Assess the needs and implement. This is the surest path to success.

Professional Consultation

Professional Consultation

Where to start a business and how to enter the target market and in what way is the most important questions that must be answered at the beginning of starting a business. We will accompany you on this path by asking questions and finding suitable answers.

Product design

Product design

By examining all the potentials of a business and assessing the necessities of the target market, we can design a complete and expandable product to enter the market. This design will be in such a way that the condition of expandability and ease of use will be respected.
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Providing solutions and planning

Providing solutions and planning

How the steps of a project should be started and drawing a road map to reach the specified goal and checking the quality of the work are one of the abilities of the Asia Startup team to carry out projects.

Project implementation

Project implementation

By bringing together experts who are the best in their field, and with the implementation of the international standard project implementation infrastructure, a unique execution will be waiting for the project that we accept to do.
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Marketing planning

Marketing planning

The issue of how to introduce a product to the target market and how to attract and convert users into loyal users by identifying the necessities of users are the most important part in the birth and survival of a brand. Trust our experts.

Let's talk about the future

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Hear about the experience of working with us

Subsidiary companies of Asia Start-up

All these businesses are proudly built in Asia Startup

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You have only one decision away from the starting point

You will not need a lot of capital to start a business, we will answer your most important need by providing solutions and the ability to attract capital. The willpower to execute and team building is more important than capital.

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Alireza Banaei

Founder of Asia Startup

With the experience, I have had in building and participating in launching more than twenty startups in various fields. And relying on the knowledge that is the result of more than fifteen years of professional experience in various fields of information technology. By launching Asia Start-up, I have tried to make the growth path of new businesses smoother by gathering elites in various specialties and shortening this path by sharing experiences.


Asia Startup Team

Get to know our specialized and creative team

It is not possible to bring a business to a high point as an individual. The solution is to have a professional team by your side. In today’s global business, nothing is more valuable than human capital for any business. Having a professional team from every point of view will help you to achieve your goals.

Management team

Alireza Banaei, as the CEO and founder of the company, has played a significant role in the formation of the core of Asia Startup. Alireza's valuable experience, along with his ability to manage critical situations, is one of his most important characteristics. By creating a management team specialized in different businesses, we have been able to achieve this golden key.

Product design team

You just tell the product design team everything that comes to your mind, and they will know how to turn it into a product. Creativity surges in the ideas of this team. With the good relationship that this team has with the team of programmers. In product design, they can clearly define the size of the project.

Programming team

Before you get certain about the impossibility of a project in the world of technology, we suggest that you have a conversation with the programming team of Asia Startup. A first-class team, from their point of view, there is no such thing as impossible in the world of programming.

Analysis and review team

The main specialty of this team is to face the facts, that too only from numbers and statistics. Emotions never have a place in the working process of the analysis team. Because the reports and performance of this team will determine the direction of the project. In the world of data analysis and review, this team plays an important role in Asia Startup.

Marketing team

The best products will not be effective without a detailed and coherent marketing plan. The marketing team of Asia Startup is made up of people who have a detailed knowledge of the target community of the product and can identify and analyze it as fast as possible and offers the best entry into the market with accurate estimates.

How do we work

Creativity is an integral part of our work at all stages

First Call

After starting your relationship with Asia Startup, your business and idea will be examined from different aspects. If it gets the necessary points from various measurements, it will be ready to be seen as a project.

Discussion and planning

By challenging all the angles of the business and finding the right solution for each part, the planning and drafting of the required documents of the project will begin. This step will be done in collaboration with the product design team.

The ultimate strategy

At this stage, with the identification of business needs in different sectors. The implementation strategy and use of the required technologies will be determined and transferred to the technical and executive teams. At this stage, the initial schedule of the project implementation will also be prepared.


Once all the business needs are identified and the required technologies are selected, the project will enter the implementation phase with a specific schedule. At this stage, all the tasks of different teams will be assigned to the manager of each team in the form of regular tasks.


By examining and measuring each stage of the project construction process with Asia Start-up's specialized tools. The quality of the implementation of each part will be controlled and tested. At this stage, along with quality control, project construction documents will also be compiled.


With the completion of the tasks of each team in the construction and development of the project, the obtained results are controlled and measured with the initially defined goals of the project. This stage of the project can be considered the last stage of building and launching a business.

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